First the Basics: LDN 101

"LDN" (low dose naltrexone) is an "alternative" medication used with surprising success in treating immune disorders, both autoimmune and immune deficient. Taken orally at bedtime, LDN works by briefly blocking opiate receptors, thereby "tricking" the body into increasing endorphin production. Endorphins being a central part of the immune system, increasing their production has been shown to help correct immune defects.


UPDATE: Summer in Austin, Texas

It's too freaking HOT!

Highs have been well over 100 degrees F almost every single day since May, sometimes up to 107F. Everybody's tired of shattering heat records, of watching lawns and trees wither and die,
and of wearing out our air conditioners.
Where is the fast-forward button?
I can't wait until October...

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