First the Basics: LDN 101

"LDN" (low dose naltrexone) is an "alternative" medication used with surprising success in treating immune disorders, both autoimmune and immune deficient. Taken orally at bedtime, LDN works by briefly blocking opiate receptors, thereby "tricking" the body into increasing endorphin production. Endorphins being a central part of the immune system, increasing their production has been shown to help correct immune defects.


Cool is cool

I gripe a lot about heat intolerance, a symptom shared by the vast majority of MS patients, and especially about the unprecedented heat and drought we've been dealing with here in Texas. It's a really big deal for people with and without MS. Time Magazine says that "Texas' drought may have global effects".

Anyway, I just wanted to say that FINALLY it's eased up. We broke all kinds of records but it hasn't been over 100 degrees F for over 2 weeks. Whew! Some days we don't even hit 90. 

It even rained. (Once.) 

So I'm cool now too. I can go outside and sit. I can think more clearly. I have choices. I can do errands and not have to return to an oven-on-wheels. I'm not stuck inside like a salad in the fridge. I feel so much better.
StaCool Vests

FYI, if you are sidelined by heat intolerance, there is personal cooling equipment available (vests, wrist and ankle wraps, etc) available to MS patients. They say that wearing a cooling vest can enable a heat-intolerant person to participate in aerobics or outdoor activities involving exertion. Check with the MS Association of America; or you can call the M.S.A.A. at 800-532-7667 for information. 

There are also numerous for-profit private businesses, like StaCool, offering self-cooling products, private-pay. Just Google "cooling vest for multiple sclerosis".  

Personally, I use ice packs, or just plain old ice in a bag. But the vest would probably be better. Somebody try one out and let me know, OK?


Tim said...

I was enjoying your blog until I found out I was a dumbass red Texan outside your sea of blue, damn, now I’m hated cause I have republican multiple sclerosis. No wonder we can’t get along in this country.

flora68 said...

"Republican multiple sclerosis"? Wow. That must be tough. Good luck with that.